The Athletic Equipment Managers Association (AEMA) and the Professional Football Equipment Managers Society (PFEMS) are two separate organizations that are closely connected and have similar missions. Both organizations were created to represent equipment managers. The AEMA is an organization that represents equipment managers across a variety of sports and levels, while PFEMS specifically represents equipment managers in professional football. Both the AEMA and PFEMS work to support and advocate for equipment managers, providing resources and training opportunities to help them do their jobs effectively.

All members of PFEMS are required to be members of the AEMA and there are many PFEMS members that are active participants in the AEMA and attend AEMA conferences.

Overall, while the AEMA and PFEMS are separate organizations, they share a common goal of supporting and advocating for equipment managers across different sports and levels. Through joint events and collaborations, they help to foster a community of equipment managers who can learn from one another and work together to improve the safety and effectiveness of sports equipment.

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