Full-time Equipment Manager Opportunities

Every team in the NFL has between three and seven full-time equipment staff members working year-round jobs. This number is dependent on responsibilities and the set-up of each department and varies from team to team. While there are only 32 head equipment manager positions, there is a lot of opportunities at the assistant level in NFL equipment departments. Generally, even at entry level positions, some level of experience is required, whether it's full-time in the industry or having done internships in the NFL.

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Seasonal Internships

NFL teams often hire interns that work on a seasonal basis. These interns generally have prior experience in Equipment and many have worked as student managers at the universities they attended. When working for an NFL team, the interns get valuable experience working during the season and seeing what it takes to work as an Equipment Manager in the NFL. Internships can range from a full year to training camp and the season, each team sets their own parameters.

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Training Camp Internships

Another internship that NFL teams offer is a Training Camp internship. During the NFL pre-season in preparation for the regular season, teams practice from typically late July to the end of August. To assist with practice, the pre-season games and preparation for the season, it is typical to bring in interns to help out. Commonly, some type of experience in equipment is preferred even in an entry level position like this. Many training camp interns are student equipment managers at their university or college they are attending and they work for NFL teams until they are needed back with their college teams or their classes have begun. This is a great way for student equipment managers to get their first experience working in the NFL.

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