September 13, 2022

Buffalo Rumblings, a well-known news site for Bills fans, let its readers know that the Bills will be featured on The Today Show, with Jeff Mazurek and his crew featured in the article and accompanying video:

This week, news anchor Craig Melvin highlighted the Buffalo Bills’ equipment staff and showed fans how they prepare for a road game.

For opening night against the Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo’s equipment staff flew in over 16,000 pounds of gear, including 100 helmets, 100 pairs of shoulder pads, 200 pairs of cleats and 700 pairs of receiver gloves.

All the other equipment guys have done something like this, right? Thank goodness for staff like Austin.

One staffer named Austin even breaks footballs in using a brush and mud for QB Josh Allen because he doesn’t like using them right out of the bag.

Jeff and his guys work hard, and it’s good that they’re being recognized!

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